That is my Identity

I heard the roster crow this morning.

That is my identity.

I woke up before my alarm this morning.

That is my identity.

I drank a cup of coffee this morning.

That is my identity.

I got my son to school this morning.

That is my identity.

When lunch time came it was no longer morning.

I am lost.

What will I do?

I am morning.

I have no identity.

It Had to Mean Something

The newspapermen called out so loud

From the cracked and greyed cement

Of the city sidewalk that they could be heard

Over the shore birds and surf as you sat in the sand,

And it meant something about the white, male patriarchy

Or some other big words because

It had to mean something, didn’t it?

Some More Dope

I think, you thought, we got in a fight.

I think, I thought, we got in one too.

I can’t remember what happened last night.

Can you remember what happened to you?

Something had happened. I’m that sure it did.

For me to be feeling so mad

I thought, you thought, they thought that they had…

And it’s gone.

Why don’t you give it a try?

You thought, I thought, they thought that they had…

Now it’s on.

Now you are starting to cry.

What the hell has got you feeling so bad?

What the hell has done it to me?

Let’s smoke some more dope till the end of the night.

I’m sure, by then, we will see.

Is it Acceptable to Accept a Bull?

I was simply gathering

Outside a bull fightin’ ring.
An I barely know him.

He said, “Jimmy…”

Then he told me

He had some’n ta gi’me.

I think he served back’n

I was a sailor.

He was inside his truck an’ back’n

A trailer.

He tole’ me what he had done done.

Whell… It wa’nt right.

What he should’nt a done

With my wife that night.

Well, he gave me the keys

And said bring back the truck.

He said that angry old bull

Always brought him some luck.

I was start’n to think

I should accept this gift.

I tole’ him I’d think

If he gave me a lift.

I shook his hand

When we got to my place.

I squeezed real hard,

And I spit in his face.

I tole’ him where he could stick

His lousy old bull.

Where he stuck my wife

In his dirty Aahh…

Well… you know where

I tole’ him to stick it.

How I got Kicked Out of the Gun Show

I was unsinchin’ ma pants

When he said he wa’nt no doctor.

I raised up an’ tole em

It was too parsenal.

Ain’t no man just walk up

And look at my arse’n all.

Then he had the nerve to tell me

I cain’t speak no English.

Well… I just cussed him roundly.

Ya’ see, ma momma an daddy, they made,

Damn sure I had good marks in third grade.

But, OK… Just between you an me,

What, in hell, is an ‘arsenal.’

He telled me I don’t know no damn English!

I tryna let you learn me ain’t I?