Is it Acceptable to Accept a Bull?

I was simply gathering

Outside a bull fightin’ ring.
An I barely know him.

He said, “Jimmy…”

Then he told me

He had some’n ta gi’me.

I think he served back’n

I was a sailor.

He was inside his truck an’ back’n

A trailer.

He tole’ me what he had done done.

Whell… It wa’nt right.

What he should’nt a done

With my wife that night.

Well, he gave me the keys

And said bring back the truck.

He said that angry old bull

Always brought him some luck.

I was start’n to think

I should accept this gift.

I tole’ him I’d think

If he gave me a lift.

I shook his hand

When we got to my place.

I squeezed real hard,

And I spit in his face.

I tole’ him where he could stick

His lousy old bull.

Where he stuck my wife

In his dirty Aahh…

Well… you know where

I tole’ him to stick it.

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