On my Heart: a Love Story

I know that you didn’t invite me in

But when you slammed the door behind me

And locked it,

I felt like you slammed the door and locked it

On my heart.

I’ve called the police and told them that you stole my purse,

But I feel like you called the police and told them

That I stole your purse

On my heart.

It is locked in my car and when the police arrive

To arrest you

They will find it there

Along with your phone that you reported stolen,

But I feel like you hid your purse and stole my phone and called the police

On my heart.

I get it was stupid,

And that I am the one that is going to jail.

But I will be back after I call my ex-husband

To have him bail me out

To come out and harass you some more.

Then you will call the police again,

And they will chase me off, again.

And after my day in court,

I will call you

From the jail

Hoping that you will accept the collect call.

And you will not accept. And you will hang up

And have a good laugh about all of this with your friends because

I feel like

You did

All that

On my heart.

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