Piggy and Granny (My son wrote this)

The day that you ever seen a thing.

Piggy is hunting you.

Piggy’s really hunting you. He’s really scary and powerful.

He has a bat and there’s a lot more things on this thing.

The day that you ever seen. Piggy thought he’s a killer.

The day that you saw the piggy he has a bloody bat. I don’t know why.

He was a man that we’ll never see. The bloody man again.

The granny hurt the piggy. He never seen a thing like him again.

Piggy was still alive.

They thought he was alive, but he wasn’t.

The day that they wasn’t… and a dragon.

That didn’t do it. His name was Mr. P.

He would bloody bat. He had a bloody bat that would kill you all.

That’s almost a word. That’s all humming first.


The day that was the end of the song.


Was it very scary?

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