10 Examples of Perfectly Acceptable Complex Sentences

(Independent Clauses are in red, dependent clauses are in green, and subordinating conjunctions are in blue.)

The plumber knew he had his next job when he answered the phone to the frantic tones of a woman’s voice and the gurgling of a backed up commode.

After a spark from the loose wiring in the old electrical outlet caught the building on fire, the fireworks factory went off like a Roman candle.

Because the two politicians in the local election were bickering like an old married couple, all of the reporters in town and a few from surrounding cities had more work than they could handle.

The wind swirled as the storm intensified and knocked a tree down in my neighbor’s yard.

At the precise time that Jim had fallen to sleep, the dog next door began to yelp.

While Shirley was working on her homework, she was unable to concentrate.

The thirteen coworkers quibbled even though they were unanimously able to decide on what they were going to order for lunch.

Whenever you finish reading this list, you will know slightly more than you did before.

Although Kimberly did all of her work, the rest of the people in her group contributed little to the assignment.

This list is the best one you have ever read despite opinions you may have to the contrary.

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