30 Minute Analytical Essay Writing Practice in Preparation for the Writing Portion of the GRE

This was my first attempt and I did not quite complete an entire essay in the allotted time. I will have to practice several more times before I am confident about my ability to finish one of these.

Archeology, like any other science, needs many levels of evidence to come to any conclusion about the specifics of the civilizations being studied. But this particular article is missing some of the evidence needed to come to a proper conclusion. The writer of this paragraph takes leaps of logic to come to the conclusion that Palean baskets are not uniquely Palean. To prove his point that the baskets should be assumed to be Palean, the writer of this article would need to sight more evidence to prove his conclusion about the baskets.


To properly prove his or her conclusions, the author of the short article would need to cite evidence of when the Lithos baskets were dated to in comparison to the dating of the Palea baskets and some evidence that show that the peoples of Palea did not have access to boats or knowledge about rudimentary sailing. If the Lithos baskets were dated before the Palea baskets were found, more credence could be given to the idea that the baskets were not uniquely from Palea. However, if the Palean baskets were proven to be dated before the Lithos baskets, the author’s conclusions would not be completely ruled out.

How much is known about Palea



How this evidence would strengthen or weaken

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