October Poem 56: All Those Nice Things

Often comes a fun

Day when bikini straps and

The smell of sunblock

Course this writing. The day when

Fluffy kittens bring purring,


Smiles, and bouncy

Hearted pawing with only

The slightest hint of

Claw. The day before the bad

Burn that brings fainting spells and


A bloody nose slammed

Against the corner of the

Wall. The day before

The hint of claw becomes bared

Teeth and claw sunken in skin


And meowling and

Rakes of the back paws with claws

Out for what he can

Reach during manic bouts when

He runs up and down the house


In the dark knocking

Over candles and flower

Pots and clawing at

The cabinet doors just to hear

Them swing open and slam shut.




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