List of things I like in no particular order

To spend time outside exerting myself on my skateboard riding around the park from one hill to another and trying not to die.

To take my son to McDonald’s or the park to watch him interacting with the other kids. To see him learn to get along in groups and learn to solve simple problems on his own.

To take time to read something of important literary worth. To take time to read for fun. To read something frivolous like anything from Stephen King.

To browse WordPress searching for good poetry to read.

To read good poetry on online literary magazines. To read the submission page and wish that I could send something that they would actually agree to publish.

To write poetry even when it is frustrating like when the words aren’t coming or when only the wrong words are coming.

To finish a poem that I am proud of and share it online. To watch the views of any newly published poem grow or not.

To dream as I receive more subscribers to my blog. To dream that I will actually be “discovered” or that I will develop a following that I could somehow translate into book sales or whatever would justify to others all the time that I spend writing.

To have self-directed study.

To have a directed course of study.


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