September Poem 22: Proper Catfish Pie

Greg Polan, who talks to invisible

People, doodles pictures pushed out of stream

Banks flooded where high waters have peril,

Even the pearl itself. Several people

Have reported, those asked to prepare smart

Sonic for the putter. Should you prepare

To keep things especially important.

Hearing aging Plymouths or Ramblers and

Stretched trot lines prim on banks and hooks. All things

Pedestrian to be sure, unlike prime

Photon people near time and weather. And

Proper people peering preciously on

Into surreal Holly Springs skeleton

Rebuild. Beautiful proper catfish pie.


2 thoughts on “September Poem 22: Proper Catfish Pie

    1. I was using fold-in and cut-up techniques. To do a fold-in, you take a page from a book and fold it in half. Then you read the sentences formed by one half of one page and one half of the other. And you end up with crazy sentences.

      So I took my own writing and folded it in with newspaper clippings. Then I cut out the interesting parts and threw away the boring parts. Finally, I arranged the interesting stuff into poems.

      I wrote a lot of poems this way, and they all turned out to have varying levels of what-the-hell-was-that. This stage of my writing actually taught me a lot about juxtaposition of imagery and it helped me to free up my imagination.

      Now, I am writing more realism into my poems, but I can go back to crazy when the mood dictates. 😀

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