September Poem 9: The Foster Father Tango

What? Is that what you

Think? So are you just stupid

Or are you also



The situation too? It’s

A stare. She is in


The corner but still

Continuing to act out.

It’s a stare. Like the


One you give your wife

Before you beat her up. Or

Is it like the one


She gives you before

She punches you in the eye?

She has told me that


You are not a man.

She has told me that you lay

Curled in the fetal


Position and cry

Until she stops hitting you.

Do you want something


Damning, you dipshit?

Look at your daughter when you

Raise your voice. Did you


See that? Did you see

Her hunch? And the fear behind

The red eyed tears? Did


You see the way she

Acts out her emotional

Problems you inflict?


You didn’t. You just

Heard that I stare at her when

She misbehaves and


Threaten to give her

More time in the corner. And

You decide to call


Me a pervert. And

You expect to be believed

I guess you just don’t


Understand the motives

Of any adult human

Who won’t punch a child.

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