July Poem 6

Douglas waits for days to tell his story

Without the story.

That before telling is one that questions:


Griffin’s ghost of the child line.

The screw that innocents.

The turn of the manuscript.

Tomorrow as a work of fiction.

Douglas tells about the element that has nothing.

Ambiguity having reached candlestick hits.


How does the may not exist made up?

The four lack of the frame.

Douglas does not bring out observation that drew

From each earth’s elements phrase in his author’s hand.

The key the town had contained

Conspicuously missing.


The guests of the story also contained nothing.

Douglas’s actions account ambiguous.

He grabbed a candlestick postponing the affect.


He began telling the reappearance in another way.

Going to bed with the amount in June before you.


Douglas, not immediately, began to read.

Douglas tells this story

In stating that the story was something to produce

And the context of what seems written by Douglas, himself.

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