July Poem 1: To Amy Gerstler Regarding Hoffnung

Cunts that taste like mustard?

Are we talking hot and sweet,

Or brown and spicy

With the earthy hit of turmeric?


Horseradish or none?

It is very important to know

How horsey you think a cunt should be.


What about hot Chinese mustard?

You know a little goes a long way.

It could burn out your taste buds

And leave you unable to differentiate

Between all others.


But a little in the bottom of your bowl

Mixed liberally with soy sauce

It becomes a savory delight

Suitable for dipping all of your

Favorite Asian dishes.


It brightens up eggrolls, chicken on a stick,

And all those questionable sushi rolls

That really shouldn’t be

On the Chinese buffet anyway.


It is even great on the deep fried

Apple pie pockets that you mistook

For a chicken or pork filled dumpling.

It is so good that you might even

Find yourself licking it straight off your fingers.


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