April Poem 5: NaPoWriMo

“How dare you put words into my mouth?”

Just like used speech bubbles laying around that I crammed into your gaping maw? Even those words require interpretation. Am I not allowed to interpret your words? Am I just too stupid to understand? Or do your words tumble out without meaning like refuse from an overturned garbage can. Refuse from a dumpster lifted high on the mechanical arms of a garbage truck.

Must I sit back and watch the words pile up pointlessly at my feet as you pelt with them? Should I be as numb as the dog that stands in a hill of angry fire ants unblinkingly allowing the words to pour out of the hill swarm up my leg stinging me around the balls and ass? Am I this useless excuse of a human being worth no more to you than a target dummy? Am I this nameless faceless sack filled with straw that you pelt with your words until money pours from my wounds so you can rake it up and throw it away?

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