October Poem 6 Tweet Poem



In the Texas A&M game, a camera was blocked by a giant glazed nuts sign.  Giant glazed nuts. Everything is bigger in Texas.

It must have been pretty humid because my nuts seldom get more than a light misting.

I’ve never dipped mine in cinnamon but I imagine it would burn. But light dusting might be fine.

Imagine the moisture wicking capabilities of Cinnamon. Forget old spice. How about some cinnamon glazed nuts!?

And your nethers would never have smelled so sweet.

When you are all powdered up, you can invite the ladies back to your place so they can try the cinnamon challenge.

Don’t worry. You can always change it up if you are tired of the same smell.

Just add on a little dusting of clove and allspice and you will be ready for the Christmas season.

If your coffee is a little bland, a teabagging—Just dunk em in—and a little milk, and you have a pumpkin spice latte on the cheap.

You can use the same idea around Cinco de Mayo and powder up with a dash of cayenne, cumin, and garlic.

A little dip dip in some avocado, and you can make a mean guacamole.


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