October Poem 3

(From two tweets ((Now it’s three tweets(((Now four))), and I may add more)) I tagged to #FieryVerse. Check them out on Twitter. I tweet at @TheRichardBraxt.)


Cornered by anger

That grabbed her

By the arm and shook

That smashed her face

With two hairy knuckles


She walked

Into his words


She tasted his argument

A white hot flash of iron

Static and sour shock

Angry thieves of sanity

Mothers of aggression


Tear drops mix

With crimson and

Drip from the corner of

Her mouth

The elixir of love


It was her fault

She knew

He loved her

But blood


A shimmering

Lipstick smear

Her lips dripping


She blots Rorschach

A drenched rose

Bleeding into white tissue


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