Revised Favorite

Somehow I ended up posting todays poem yesterday, so to day you get one of my favorite poems. This poem has been slightly revised from the first time that you saw it.


West at 2a.m.


These folks have been west at 2 a.m.

Gathering impressive numbers.

This entity is the Bream,

The backyard buttered toast made here

Since before European colonization.


This was their population

Like the Audubon Society,

A bunch of ghosts

Who make their most concentrated effort

At favored fish for the table.


Mitch experiences for many,

And did so for me

From early wood fire,

Homemade sausage, and native plants.


Mitch and I were visiting with an unusual

Diminutive creature that defies morning.

Blues Ally coincided with sunrise.

We cooked breakfast on a drift

When he mentioned the plant sale.


I timber along the edges,

So when I am seeing things

In the old home from search of catfish,

Plants are, I think, your childhood until now,

What spring fishing, bacon, and eggs are

Fresh from a chicken coop

Indigenous to the region.


He added, however, the September things

That attract him to the house are

Purely grand Insects and birds and deer

And such that have idea of ghost’s persuasion

Activity and the full moon just before daylight.

All were hard against tradition and simplicity.

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