September Poem 22 Voodoo Reflections

White zombie shows up

As the city and can see

The poverty that only holds up

A symbol of their colonial ghettos.

Most of the film only deals in seen glimpses

Of the life of sugar plantations.


At a position of fear at

Being viewed by the world as an elitist

That could completely change

The reading of the colony name

As a former slave’s point of view,

Lizardi, 92, authored the story

Controlled by others, the worlds mirrors.


The control is to remove him.

As the doctor comes to check innocents,

The five year old gave ambiguous line

About the control or loss of control and

Her ability to understand author’s hand controlled.


Phelps or Tennyson on Hattian shores.

The people of Haiti have a particular fear of the Lady of Shallot

Ever resolving the question of losing control or being misunderstood.

White responsibility to help the most dangerous zombie

Revolves around the subtextual poor.

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