Odedi’s Wine Review Blog

I found poetry rather by accident, today. Odedi’s Wine Review Blog showed up in my notifications tab today for having liked one of my poems. As I am always interested in the people that look at my blog, I checked out the site and was immediately drawn by the imagery of the words. Odedi’s tasting notes are both works of aesthetic beauty and helpful hints for buying wine. So if you are looking for some reading to enliven your soul as well as get your taste buds watering you should check out Odedi’s Wine Review Blog at: https://winesipping.wordpress.com/

August Poem 19

In 2014, Mr. Uscinski wanted to be the tallest tree.

The politics follow three of his eldest sons.

Everyday life followed us and worked very creatively.


You know the mom who wanted to leave the three.

The U.S. is filling that void

Sometimes giving as much support as

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.

August Poem 18

Tommy said, Don’t

Talk about

The traditional


Stamped sandals.

Japanese lanterns,




In the feedbox of

Thinking animals,




If he loses

In November




—Let’s bid

On the work,

A part of the show.




A tree taken

From different patterned

Yard would allow




Accusations of

Cheating to take


Hold in the collective



But I have been




Rises with the rest

Of the contestants.

August Poem 17

Pliny grabbed them,

And not hers.

They belonged to Stan

—Bar towels

—And projected from the touch.


Pliny had stepped down and spilled liquor

From the stage.

Now he stooped to clean.

This was the table in Stan’s

Dining room

Under the Jose Cuervo margarita

Salt tray.


Portia kept matching towels in pastels and

Earth tones,

But Pliny was having none of it.

At their age,

Wouldn’t they want to die in the same

Color towels?

August Poem 13

G.O.P. voter Stuart Spencer, a former identity status,

Will begin treating with southern pines. But by April 2016

We were excited to welcome one of our own graduates, Dr. Happen,

Three times a semester including once during every finals week

From schools and customers to complete strangers and

Neighbors, let us help you spend all you require.