July Poem 7

Morning flinched as the world, the second tree,

Ate the daughters who played soldier

And shuddered when the strongest ship

Pulled up anchor and fled

The Public Policy Polling game.


There was a figure in the dark;

It eyed the flier with frustration.

In the porch light, a colorful carpenter

Made an assassination of President

Out of Mr. Trump, the second Kennedy.


But every time Mr. Trump felt ugly

He returned to the mountain

Where he nailed a man’s hands to the earth

And trembled with joy.


Most of his Muslims in New Jersey

And people increasingly leaning to the primaries

Were with conservatives who enjoy the delicious food.


Voters decided by cheating analysis and graphics

Related to a coffee mug viewed favorably

By the Los Angeles Times.

They would raise their eyes to God,

A keepsake of policy politics.


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