June Poem 20

The heading light of today

Almost seems long-form Ellen Weinauer.

Republicans for the Better Journal say,

The spring has been a busy one in the college

Even as we worked.


I climbed the rim of Mount Vesuvius

And continued to work

To cast absentee ballots.

It’s just not hard to imagine that,

When you decide to pursue research

On mountain sides

While witnessing subsistence

And mine anger,

China is raping us four.

June Poem 18

Even if you don’t own an election,

A purchase will not enhance

The 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan celebration.

In addition, finance rates and polling

Excluded Florida employees’ presentations.

Eligible voters in ward 1

Have until something amazing

Doesn’t happen in the midst of all this

To recruit our interaction.

June Poem 15

The mandate reads,

The hardcore should make sure

Transgender students haven’t heard about

And been happy with their birthers.

37 percent had almost three rooms

That match their gender identity.


Wound up Ronald Reagan

Was the student’s gender identity.

The birth certificate allows

Boys identifying as girls

Into reports on the April 30th curriculum,

And often, students decide

To volunteer at spas.


Trump leads with and can use

Locker rooms and bathrooms

That he doesn’t talk about.

Citing his flirtation as a candidate

For the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.

The media, however, kept promoting him

On his or her changing dinner

From many Southern Miss establishments

Via direct mail—how we got here

—And his willingness and ability

To lose federal dollars.

June Poem 14

The Trump on new federal guidance

From April 2011 said,

More human interaction for the students

Is the phrase for the April 27th.

Friday, he released a copy

Of his warm regards, stress of class, and schoolwork

Giving us a chance to interact with others effectively.

Rebecca Boudreaux should

Plan for our 40th incarnation

Which often sees a mix

Of students, faculty, and staff

From across campus

Joining in the shows with Trump.

June Poem 13

Mr. Romney got, came, learned

That those are exactly

The kind of Culebra Cut passings

That massive container ships have done

Over the last month. He said,

There’s money changing hands.

I would have the members talk

About how party media does not

Carry the force of law and is merely

Trump’s poll numbers.

Donald Trump has Gingrich at 11 percent,

The same or even lower than your current payment.

June Poem 12

Mr. Trump could partake in study abroad

At USM farming and examining the ruins

Of the former ethnic resentment

In Philadelphia Public Schools. Instead,

Mr. Trump watched with silver expansion

As civil rights collapsed.


I found him in the media

With an interpolation of the Title IX dealing.

Trump is a lot closer to getting over in three continents.


I never dreamed I’d be in my final semester alone

Speaking with an indigenous tribe insurgent

Who was quoted as saying the administration’s letter

To Mr. Osama bin Laden gave the party members the Panama Canal.


And to wait for guidance from public schools

Poll that say you, probably G.O.P. voters,

And a lot of Trump supporters also demonstrated

Stating, that which don’t comply are under threat.