May Poem 22

Winner of five demons may be available to purchase

Reports of exceptionally crappy catches

And eddies and dead rivers and thick brick walls

That managed to withstand great many anglers.

Back at home in mid-afternoon, they been feeding

Off these plants for millennia to see them.

May Poem 21

Employ a flyrod and popping tire,

Salvaged from a truck or tractor

Either that or an inner tube will work.


Give it simple set up instructions

Once you’re there standing or get a boat.

There was also a coffee can bug

Or ultralight spinnerbait.


We have already begun collecting crap

We never miss an opportunity to visit.

Let these base elements cast their spell.

May Poem 15

I exist only to serve

Mankind, to wrong the authority

Of the universe.


I kept people sitting

In an office tossed dumpster.

The secretary brought the crown

Of his head up on the disposal of a man.

Detective Barnes grabbed the goon

By his potential for greatness.


Knuckles pulled a highly

Decorated card from his vest.

He had been acting like it it’s a fifty cal.

“Shut up, Lefty, chum.


This is only a friendly happening anyway.

Your humanly forays threaten or

Coerce you enough under his command.


You don’t say private detective

And return to live in the glory of God.

I’m not sure I understand exactly

What the God of the Old Testament and

I will reign down.



But now that you mentioned it,

I would control everything.”

May Poem 14

But I was able, underside of the goon’s jaw,

To walk in a circle and quack like a duck

To read The Field Guide: A Compendium of Rules.


Or why, you think, the chief of which

Is to have no other Gods before me,

And thou shall not take schedule.


We are in the central point of recognition,

Grade school.


Yeah, I know a few things:

Creation was a big bang,

In the beginning, there returned

Weapon to holster under the left breast,

Every human has the ability to make

A change in the universe somehow,

Any God that could be before me,

To Knuckles, did not exist.


But us kids were smarter then to show off

The new cozy air-conditioned hall of the Church of Lefty.

It is my will, that street weapon flipped through the magic of the internet,

Isn’t it just the same?


Detective Barnes snatched in step with my teachings,

Checked the cover,

And flipped through the pages.

That is to say,

I exist.