May Poem 15

I exist only to serve

Mankind, to wrong the authority

Of the universe.


I kept people sitting

In an office tossed dumpster.

The secretary brought the crown

Of his head up on the disposal of a man.

Detective Barnes grabbed the goon

By his potential for greatness.


Knuckles pulled a highly

Decorated card from his vest.

He had been acting like it it’s a fifty cal.

“Shut up, Lefty, chum.


This is only a friendly happening anyway.

Your humanly forays threaten or

Coerce you enough under his command.


You don’t say private detective

And return to live in the glory of God.

I’m not sure I understand exactly

What the God of the Old Testament and

I will reign down.



But now that you mentioned it,

I would control everything.”


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