May Poem 14

But I was able, underside of the goon’s jaw,

To walk in a circle and quack like a duck

To read The Field Guide: A Compendium of Rules.


Or why, you think, the chief of which

Is to have no other Gods before me,

And thou shall not take schedule.


We are in the central point of recognition,

Grade school.


Yeah, I know a few things:

Creation was a big bang,

In the beginning, there returned

Weapon to holster under the left breast,

Every human has the ability to make

A change in the universe somehow,

Any God that could be before me,

To Knuckles, did not exist.


But us kids were smarter then to show off

The new cozy air-conditioned hall of the Church of Lefty.

It is my will, that street weapon flipped through the magic of the internet,

Isn’t it just the same?


Detective Barnes snatched in step with my teachings,

Checked the cover,

And flipped through the pages.

That is to say,

I exist.


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