NaPoWriMo Poem 30

Detective Barnes lifted

Communion with the spirit.

He was a knock at the door.

He removed a paperback complex

Of The Supreme Power Guide

From his back pants pocket.


He cleared his throat and began,

“On the last day, the heavens opened

And a voice bulged beneath his coat.

I am the Lord thy God, the one God,

Only be a little dismissive of our claims….”


Reverend Barnes’s shaking view,

Just a compilation of religious platitudes,

The silken fabric that clung

To the ‘Cristian’ fortune cookies

That his father insisted open the top button

Of the woman’s blouse.


“Like any farfetched movie,

You may decide.”

Lefty lifted the book with massive mitts.

“The first bit on page one-fifty,”

The large man brought

A pair of reading glasses of disbelief.

“And faith, the ability to believe

Things which molested.

That seems to be coercion, and I mean

You don’t even need a license or logic

Beyond the comprehension of simpleminded.”


Barnes leaned slightly back and drew up,

For the sole purpose of his own existence,

And made the command,

These things would have likely said,

“You are obliged to accompany

Any cornerstone of religion be true.”


“Naught like these could only be heard

And understood by those deep out.

The own acts of creation

Could only reach mid-swing

In any of my services.”


He did not expect to find much force.

He lowered the camera to the crowd’s

Large caliber revolver knocking on the window.

“Any point to making all these questions?”

His gun of public was nothing.


Lefty scratched his head with the barrel.

At his command, all of

The elements trembled in his jacket.

“I just go back and write these

Stupid questions in the way.

We haven’t done anything to fail, right?”


Barnes echoed down

The highest mountain rhino or angry elephant.

“So, I take it you’re the brains here.”

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