NaPoWriMo Poem 26

Both open, two men in dark suits

Stood in the Holy Sepulcher.

Existence coincides out of his jacket pocket

And settled them burnt offerings,

Circumcision, prayer five times a day,

Back copies of Playboy, the top of my head,

Existence of things that don’t exist, can’t exist,

And states that you have to come with us.


But doesn’t it make sense that

God has been hounding me?

The pollution of the earth and the

Resulting catastrophes reveal

A slender cigarette held to her lips.

She let the smoke linger

Between the religious information.


She balanced feeble human mind

Neatly on the bridge of his nose.

Her long nails, bright red with being,

As if pulled by some unseen mark of man,

Did little to beautify a world,

The luscious red of her lips.

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