NaPoWriMo Poem 21 Cut Up

(Cut Up of Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift chapter 1 book 1.)


The original manuscript,

An account of inducements shipwrecked,

With sea-language apt, like the land,

New-fangled, altered, degenerated:

Vice and folly, Keys and reflections

Degrading the female sex.


Wife, my fortune, ancient and being:

Infernal lying souls of all species.

Daughter dying, swim safe on shore

Carried up at fourteen years.

Books banished the female virtue,

Weeded and swept their own ink.


Knowing my good master resolved in London,

Always provided strength. A narrow fortune

Bound sums of money laid out to travel.

Three years of the Antelope,

Three years applied scanty allowance.

Voyages of the sea at home, wife and family.

As always, fortune got forty Pounds and a promise:

Making adventures by violent storm.


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