NaPoWriMo for day 4

Groceries carousel around.

I unhook the first bag.

I shrug my shoulders

At irritation:


A stick fallen

From a parking lot tree,

A clothing tag fallen

From a shelf I bumped,

A hair bound in the nap of my shirt

Pulling when I move?


Wheeling the cart to the car

I reach behind my head

Through my shirt neck and swipe

Scrape against my back

As my fingers brushed

The irritation:


A stick, a clothing tag, a bug?

The groceries are in the car

The irritation

Farther up my shoulder

Defying gravity?

A June bug?

A wasp?

A spider?


Fighting the urge

To rip off my shirt in the parking lot

I rake wildly at

The irritation

In my shirt.

I feel something fall

But can’t find it on the ground.

Did it scurry off?

Or is it still on me?


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