4 Movie Critiques That Make Me Say “Ho Hum”

I watched this video from Cracked.com one day when I was bored and looking for some entertaining humor, but I was roundly disappointed. I felt the movie critiques were lackluster, and many of the points did not make sense on view of the title of the video. However, I was not moved enough to even complain about the video. It was just too forgettable. But when I saw the response to the video by The Amazing Atheist, I laughed my ass off. Not because the response video was filled with comedy gold, but because The Amazing Atheist was able to find so much to rant about in such a boring and unfunny video. The Amazing Atheist often has impassioned rants on topics that are important to bring to light, but I have never seen him as angry and impassioned as he is in this response video. And for what? There is no substance behind the video that he is ranting about.

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