Writing is a habit that most people don’t truly understand. Their experience of writing is being forced to write a short essay in high school English class. They think that writing is as boring and as easy as that. they don’t know what it is like to fidget with a sentence to get just the rite words in just the rite order. They have never pondered over a paragraph trying to get the most vivid scene possible. And they have sure never paused in the middle of a sentence to ponder whether or not they actually knew what the hell they were talking about.

They think that a novel takes just a few hours of work scribbling into a notebook and that a “good Idea” is all that it takes to write well. In fact, they think that all they have to do is spend the couple of hours to scribble and they would be the next New York Times Best seller. And they show this ignorance when they assume that the drive to write has anything to do with desire for money.

Money is great: Money is good. And if I could earn a buck selling my stories I would not turn it away. But there is something much more satisfying about writing than just earning a buck.


It was a simple question, asked by a co-worker:  “How are the book sales coming?”  I replied that based on royalties I wouldn’t be giving notice any time soon and then he asked, “why do you even bother to write?”  I blew him off with something about how typing keeps my fingers flexible and changed the subject.

I could see no point in trying to explain the drive, the need to release the characters and scenarios that clutter up the brain, all screaming for attention until set down on paper.

A writer writes because he or she has no choice in the matter.  Some people satisfy this need by keeping journals or diaries.  Short snippets committed to the written form are all that they need to silence the voices.  Others among us find that the characters, the scenes and plot devices only grow more complex as we give vent to…

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