What is the Goal of Your Blog?

Is a blog supposed to have a goal?

When I first decided to blog, I read up on how to write a successful blog. You should know what your goal is. you should have a focus for your blog and that focus should be as precise as possible. And you should stick strictly to this vision.

So I began to blog with these ideas in mind only to realize that all these guidelines are bullshit. For one, I had no idea what it was I was getting into. How are you supposed to stick to a goal that you came up with before you even understood what was possible?

After blogging for the better part of a year, I look back at my first blog post only to realize how far off the mark I was. And if you ask me, I still don’t know what my blog is about and where it is going. The only blogging commitment that I still keep that I decided from the beginning is to have a new blog out every Wednesday at least and more if I get around to it (Some times I even cheat at this: “Oh shit, its Wednesday. Here is something that I wrote for home work years ago. I hope no one notices”).

but you tell me: should a blog have a goal?

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