Coffee Run

I worked hard to qualify for this

Prestigious internship at MI6.

I expected beautiful women,

High-stakes missions, and fancy cars,

But all they ever ask me

Is make runs to Starbucks.


I drive the same ‘98 Isuzu

Hombre that got me through college.

The exterior is white but for

Rust seeping through the seams.


The dash is cracked where I punched it

The last time it didn’t start, but

The seat is form fitted to my rear.

There are holes in the upholstery,

And I always have to wipe bits of

Orange foam off my pants before

I return to work.


Did I mention they don’t pay me?

At least, the truck gets good mileage.

Though it’s as slow as ever,

They always need me back in a hurry.


They installed a shiny switch on

The steering wheel to activate the

High explosive heat seekers. They

Gave me permission to use them if

The line is too long. 007

Can’t start the day without his Mocha

Frappe Latte. Shaken. Not stirred.

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