Concerning University of Missouri


Every bathroom stall in every men’s public bathroom has at least one swastika drawn on it, sometimes in pencil, sometimes in pen, sometimes in excrement. While there is a percentage of these that are written by racists trying to demoralize minorities, many of them, if not most of them, are written by young idiots that are just trying to offend without racism as their motivation. But the presence of the swastikas on the stall walls is demoralizing, and drawing them is racism.

I think the reason that people identify racism in America but not racists is because the racism is being propagated mostly by people that do not have racism as their motivation. Of course, the swastika drawers know what they are doing is going to be construed as racism. But most racism comes from people that do not intend to be racist and do not even know that they are being racist.

The person that changes his voice when he encounters an ethnic person is being racist when he thinks he is being friendly. The woman that clutches her purse tighter when she walks past an ethnic person has committed a racist act even though she did this unconsciously and unintentionally. And the person that tries to be politically correct by using words like “ethnic” when referring to minorities has committed a racist act by trying too hard to avoid being offensive. This is why people see racism but no racists: they are too afraid to find out that they are the racist that they are looking for regardless of what ethnic group they belong to.

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