Sample Memorandum About Traffic

28 October 2012

Memorandum for Ms. Holifield

From: Richard Braxton

Subject: Critique of “Traffic and Circulation Flow Committee Seeks Input from Campus Constituents”

“Traffic and Circulation Flow Committee Seeks Input from Campus Constituents” is a clearly stated document. The document lists recommendations for improvement of traffic flow and asks for feedback about these recommendations.

I have studied the content, organization, style, and design of this document. While the document does get its point across, some aspects of the report could be reworked to create a stronger and better flowing article.


The content of the document is clearly stated and easily understood. It only contains the information required by the subject of the report. However, it comes across as somewhat boring and could be easily dismissed by students as unimportant.


The organization of the document is done well. It gives the reader the ability to pick and choose the data that he or she deems most important. Additionally, it is organized into the introduction, methods, results, and discussion pattern. This pattern creates a strong impression on the reader and helps the point of the document stand out in the readers mind.



The document is in the memorandum style. This style is the quickest and easiest to create for a document sent out by email. However, a complex document such as this one would benefit from another style. A flyer with an emphasis on design and readability that was emailed in pdf format would serve this report better.



The design of the document has a few problems that are indicative of design for regular email and poor planning. The design of the document is a no frills approach that is not quite as clear as it could be.  Titles are bolded, but they are the same size as the text and on the same line. If the titles were larger than the text and on different lines, the document would be easier to read. Next, subordinate text should have been indented or otherwise separated from the preceding text.


Although the document was written and organized well, flaws in style and design muddy the works and make this a less than stellar report.


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