Memorandum Corona VS Dosequis

3 September 2012

Memorandum for Ms. Holifield, Director of Random Internet Information

From: Richard Braxton, Random Information Specialist #889519

Subject: Online Strategies of Beer Companies to Appeal to Consumers

In accordance with the code of Random Internet Information Gathering Manual Number Two, I have randomly selected websites from two similar products that appeal to two dissimilar consumer groups. The websites and both appeal to consumers who are over twenty-one years of age, are internet savvy, and drink beer. Both websites allow their readers to learn more about their mission statements, their products, and dates and times of festivals sponsored by their products, but that is where their similarities end. caters to an older more sophisticated crowd and offers:

  • A relaxed aesthetic feel of light grey, blue and yellow.
  • An introductory slideshow depicting Corona Beer in exciting vacation destinations accompanied by relaxing music.
  • A photo gallery where readers can share their own ideas of paradise involving Corona beer. caters to a younger sillier crowd and offers:

  • A feigned sophisticated aesthetic of black, brown and red.
  • Sophisticated graphics focused on a company crest that is much more ridiculous than one might expect.
  • A page where readers can learn about the adventures and misadventures of The Most Interesting Man in The World.
  • A video gallery where readers can post video of silly toasts involving Dos Equis Beer.
  • An assortment of silly videogames with sophisticated names.

In summary, caters to a more experienced class of beer drinker while caters to the more fun loving class of beer drinker.


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