Example Memorandum for Research Proposal on the Legalization of Marijuana

23 November 2012

Memorandum to Ms. Holifield

From: Richard Braxton

Subject: Research Project Progress Report


This memorandum is a progress report regarding my research project on the local attitudes toward the legalization of marijuana. The work on the report began November 9th and has been in progress for two weeks. Even though there has been a wrench thrown into the works, the research report remains on schedule, and it will not deviate very far from the plan laid out in the research proposal that you received on November 9th. This progress report will detail the work that I have already done, the additional work that was required due to your email message, the additional work that was needed to decipher the survey data, the revisions to the plan to finish the research report on time, and a conclusion.

Work Completed

From November 9th to the 23rd I have spent most of my time working on the surveys required for this research assignment. I spent the early part of the first week reading up on my subject and coming up with ideas for survey questions. On the 16th, I received word that the survey was expected to be done online using surveymonkey.com. That weekend, I spent my time creating my survey on the internet and transferring it to a format that I could print. My online survey has been collecting data for about a week, and I took my paper surveys to my classes for them to complete on the 19th and 20th. From the 20th until today, I have been sifting through the data and organizing it into usable chunks.

Additional Work Required

On November 16rd, I received an email from you recommending the Survey Monkey website. Once I looked over the site, I decided that I could do two surveys using the same questions. One survey would collect data from my Facebook friends, and the other survey would collect data from my classmates in the form of a paper survey. Since my Facebook friends span the United States, I decided that it can take the place of the national polls, and since both surveys would have the same questions, the results will be easier to compare and my comparisons more accurate. Additionally, the layout of my survey gave many more ways to organize and compare the data than I anticipated. My survey included a blank for people’s age, five yes or no questions, and four questions to be ranked in order of preference. By picking an age group or a particular yes or no answer, I am able to arrange the data in a myriad of ways. Due to time constraints, I have only arranged the data twenty different ways. However, sometimes dividing the data according to groups can give a rather small sample size, so I used the default sample size from the directions for this project as the minimum for any data group. Therefore, I will not include any division of the data that does not include at least ten surveys.

Revision to Research Plan

The research project will still follow the same general plan. However, the older national poll results will be used for background information. The national poll will be combined with my other research on the topic to show that I have a good understanding of the topic. The Facebook survey created on Survey Monkey will be used for national data to compare with the data from the classroom surveys. Using these two surveys, I will be able to compare and contrast the local views and the views of the nation at large. Plus, I will include many of the different ways to understand this data, and I will be enlarging the section of the research project that deals with the survey. Yet, I do not plan to exclude any of the sections that I have previously detailed.


Although I have hit a snag or two, the research report will be completed on time. I am rearranging a few things and expanding the section involving the survey; yet, the overall plan remains the same. I thank you for your time. My survey can be viewed at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YKYR2T3, and I can be reached for questions or comments at Richard.braxton@eagles.usm.edu.




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