Resume Restrictions

4 Navy years, I stumbled through

Onboard electrician duties.

Sorry, it is unprofessional

To write “I” in a resume.

Someone stumbled through

Onboard electrician duties

Busting his shins on the metal edge

Of knee-knockers while tracking

Cables through the snaky mess

In the overhead brackets.


Then, I spent the next years

In and out of dead-end jobs.

Um… I mean…Someone

Spent those years

Building sandwiches on long rolls

And stacking vegies for customers

Who ask for no mayo only

To complain to the manager

That they received no mayonnaise,

Crawling under truck scales digging out

Buckets of dirt while hunching through

Webs and brushing off pale spiders,

And walking through the maze of

Complex apartments and around past

The boat docks where the streetlights shiver

Off the water surface because

The overcast blocks moonlight.


Then I… someone spent a year off

The job market. No, it’s none of

Your business. You will not hear about

The nights waking up shivering

With a chalk outline of sweat on

The sheets, pale skin and dizzy spinning

Gasps for breath half way up the stairs,

The medicated saline solution

That that drips down long plastic tubes

Into his arm, turkey baster

Syringe they hook to the base of

The IV tube to withdraw

A puff of blood into the tube

Before pushing florescent pink

Transmission oil into veins, nor

Kneeling over the toilet

Choking up the contents of breakfast

Realizing that Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Tastes the same going down as it does

Coming up. None of that is for you.

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